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VanVechten was established in 1983 and has earned the reputation for designing and producing inspired handcrafted home accessories including area rugs, textiles, giftware, and art. We work closely with a select group of old-world Asian family companies to execute our intricate designs. Visiting them frequently, VanVechten explores new techniques as well as maintaining the centuries-old traditional family methods. We use the finest materials including New Zealand and Merino wools, silk, jute, and other natural yarn blends and combinations to ensure lasting quality.

Rugs in tent rows handmade rugs

VanVechten Foundation

The VanVechten Foundation (Varanasi, India) promotes and informs about the educational betterment of women, girls, and those of marginalized castes. Believing that stronger, more self-reliant individuals will help make for a stronger and less volatile (regional) society. In addition to improving individuals, families, and their circumstances, VanVechten is an active participant in and promulgator of craft traditions and culture for the benefit of future Indian as well as non-Indian generations. Grants, scholarships, and donations, are executed and renewed on an individual annual basis. Written requests/applications are required and prospective recipients are encouraged to contact us regarding specific requirements for their circumstances.

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